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Remembering the Valley

I missed going out to the ranch this week. Stuck in the city. Last night when I stepped outside with our dog, Mocha, I thought of Traveller huddled in his winter coats against the cold and the darkness.

It has also helped to remember last Monday’s ride (which I failed to write about) with Randy and Deb out into the valley.  The land was swathed in a huge light, our shadows cast long in the late afternoon glow.  We stopped momentarily to watch farm labourers prune and rake their way down the endless rows of blueberry crop.

img_0791The first snow on Golden Ears fell over the weekend. The mountain was modest however and hid her pristine beauty behind a covering of cloud, teasing us with momentary glimpses of her icy grandeur.img_0783Let me not fail to mention the lesson on opening and closing electric wire fences from the back of a horse. Deb makes it look easy but mastering the skill of moving the horses ever so slightly forward, then ever so slightly sideways, then on a pivot etc takes quite a bit of practise. (In case you are wondering, the fences were turned off for the lesson!).



  1. Susan Kennedy says:

    I know I have said it before, but I really like your style of writing. Seeing things through your eyes opens up my imagination and I see the snow covered mountains hiding under the clouds. It is magnificent and I feel privileged to see God’s creations. It makes sense to me that Deb would see things trough eyes that have seen the world and eyes that still believe in miracles. She is a woman that I admire and and love talking about her experiences. She tells it like it is and has so much passion for people and life. There is so much to say about Deb, but I have no idea where to begin. She is my Maple Ridge Cowgirl and Gerry and I think the world of her. It is her who has brought Gerry, from a dark place and has him living his dream and at ’75’ is riding his horse again. There is no measure of the love that she has for mankind, her friends, family and other critters, animals, and lost souls…

  2. Susan Kennedy says:

    This week all hell has broke out. Gerry ended up in the emergency as a result of his dementia. It is getting worse, and stealing his life’s blood and destroying future dreams. He loves Traveler and wants to ride on Wednesdays with the help of Debbie. She keeps the dream a live in all of us. Gerry and Deb have a bond and I have never seen anyone share the life style of horses and riding like those two. Now that Gerry is in the hospital Deb has gone above and be on the call of duty. She has gone up to the hospital and fed Gerry in between looking after the horses while on her day off, What a friend and what a dedicated and caring person.
    We are very lucky to have met Deb, and she has enhanced our life.

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