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Today was the third day of heavy rain with no sign of letting up. They are calling the consecutive waves of wind and drenching rain the first of the lower img_0521mainland’s “winter storms”. Water was gathered in large pools out in the fields and on the gravel road leading up to the barn.  A few hardy  horses in dripping overcoats stood nibbling hay seemingly undeterred by the weather. I found Gosha puttering around inside the barn keeping all the systems dry and clean and functioning.  Traveller looked out over a stall door and watched her work. I gave him a rigorous head rub. He whinnied. Does he recognize me? I need to learn more about “horse language”.
I was lulled into the mesmerizing quiet of the barn’s interior where I stood sheltered from the downpour. Traveller and I watched the chickens pecking at the soggy ground for a long while. No doubt this will be the first of many wet Mondays to come. I’ll have to get myself better outfitted and learn what it takes to ride in the rain!



  1. Susan Kennedy says:

    Hi, I finally have connected with you. I read some of your stuff and I really like your style of writing. I am working on something and I hope to send something soon.

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