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Cutting Competition

This morning I ventured out in the downpour through the pumpkin fields of the Fraser Valley to the Cornerstone Arena on Mt. Lehman in Abbotsford. Two cutters from Grassroots Ranch – Deb and Meredith – were registered to compete in the final show of the BC Ranch Cutting Horse Association 2016 season.

Warming up.

I’m still on a hefty learning curve when it comes to understanding all the elements that cutters are judged on.  The basics: a tight box for the back-and-forth horse/cow face-off in front of the judges, minimal prompts from the rider (let the horse do the work), and, of course, keep the cow from escaping back to its herd.

Regrettably Meredith was scheduled late in the day and I had to leave before her round was up.  But check out Deb and Brie on their first of two entries:

Click here to watch Deb cut!

dsc_0173Congratulations on (what to my novice eye) was a solid performance!

Cornerstone has all manner of spectator comforts:  a well-lit, clean and spacious facility, bleachers set up along the competitors ring (a welcome new feature as last year we stood on our tip-toes to see over the barrier), upper viewing loft, good sound system with a great music selection, gourmet Italian pasta from a food truck…and, best of all, watching is free!

dsc_0163 Can’t think of a better way to spend a rainy Saturday morning in late October.






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